Harry Flugleman & Bernie Sanders & Sippie Wallace & Bonnie Raitt present
a “Women Be Wise” production of 2016…
A Butch Citgo with the Sundance Bronco Q

~~~~~ 2015 ~~~~~
Picture of Dorian Gray & Dupree Diamond Blues'
Snapshots (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

Atheists Anonymous presents A Toni & Van Morrisons’
Love Child production of...Tar Baby (the musical)

Ode to Ed Abbey 1987 Calendar

January 1987 February 1987 March 1987 April 1987 May 1987 June 1987 July 1987 August 1987 September 1987 October 1987 November 1987 December 1987

Video Revue with Rosie Red & Wardwolves
Episodes 1-6

or photo slideshow

TATELY, PLUMP Pornography presents
Buck Mulligan in…
Rosie Red Riding Hood & 3 Wardwolves in Red Sox
(watch this video or read the book)

Molly Bloom as Rosie Red Riding Hood
Buck Mulligan as Wardwolf in House of Straw
Quintin Berry as Wardwolf in House of Sticks
Blazes Boylan as Wardwolf in House of Rocks

Episode I:
Jeezum Crow Jam #1 & Cousin Its
House of Rocks on Ice
On the Rise Groove Goin’ Gone
House of Sticks on Ice
Chorus #01 > NFA > Drums > Wipeout
Sled Jelly Jumps into a Jam
(& please don’t remove my) Appendix:
~Phishin’ for a New Year’s Stream

Episode II:
Jeezum Crow Jam #2 & the Beauxjeuxs
Rosie’s Box with a Broccoli Salad
Lost Boys Found in Vulcan’s Snow Drift
Every Birthday is like a Fallis See
Hickory Dick or Eek!
(& please don’t remove my) Appendix:
~Phishin’ for a Stream

Episode III:
Rosie Ties Him Up with a Red Stripe
House of Rocks & the 3rd Grade Pigs
Fear of a Jazz Planet
Songs & Sticks & Stones Break Straw’s Back
Adirondack All-Stars
(& please don’t remove my) Appendix:
~Phishin’ for a SPAC Stream

Episode IV:
Adirondack All-Star Ha-Ha Leap
Rosie Nectars Upstairs with Beauxjeuxs
Jeezum Crow Jam #3 & the Garcia God a Bees
Rosie Rides Monorail to Meet Minnie
Downeast Go Carts & Down Home Boys
Rosie Ties Him Up with a Red Belt
House of Sticks with Fast Balls & Quick Feet
10 Years of Wardwolves in Red Sox
(& please don’t remove my) Appendix:
~Phishin’ for a Lost Stream

Episode V:
I Put a Spell on Boo
Museum Races for Rosie
Turkey Claus & Slaws of Sorts
Ro, Ro, Ro Rosie’s Climax > Cold Rain & Snow
Every Picture Tells a Story Donut
(& please don’t remove my) Appendix:~Phishin’ for a Stream



2013 Video
2013 Photos

Weathering Heists:
New Nieces Knew Nothing Nicer
than 2013 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox
(for Kenneth Rock)
A story set upon the moors of time…
~Our Cast of Characters include~
Catherine Earnshaw as played by ARW
Hindley Earnshaw as played by QRW
Heathcliff as played by AEW
Mr. Lockwood as played be DEW
Emily Bronte as played by Cousins & Cast of All Kinds

Weathering Heists:  Episode 1
Cochran Crew Road Tests #29-44
Moor Sledding Dom’s Down to Ditch Stunt
Ow, Hallway Slides Saf&tc
Hindley Plays Ice Ball & Gets Cold Shoulder
Future Cougars Like Lions @ MCS Court
Heathcliff Wails Well in Winter Concert Tour
Weathering Heists:  Episode 2
Mr. Lockwood Was Ready to Go Blues
Catherine Guards Against Heathcliff
Would You Like A Comfy Chair or Slippery Slide?
Hindley Loafs then Gores Himself before Catherine
Heathcliff v. Hindley on a Wintry Pitch
Easter Begins on the East & Welcomes the West
Heathcliff Brings Out His Belt
Hindley Scores F-3 while Heathcliff Accepts the Lord
Moor Roaming Amidst Hindley’s B-Day Blokes
Weathering Heists:  Episode 3
Feels Like A Stranger (Singing Final Elementary) Shuffle
Healthy Cuts by Heathcliff & Drums Beat for Hindley
Journey Beyond Our Moor Hearth (Don’t Stop Believin’)
Penobscot Sounds & B.I. Pools (Or A Pond)
Heathcliff Kicks It with Tainted Love
Billy Jean Dances before Hilda’s 99th
Jedi Mime Flynn Tricks
Surf the Jay & Dive into Minnie Ha-Ha Jeers
Not-Round Not-Church July 4th Blues > NFA > Solar Bus Jam

Weathering Heists:  Episode 4
Lake Monster Confirms Ketchup as Sleaze of Condiments
Fair or Foul Leaps of Faith
Lost of the Mohican Parking Lot in Glens Phalls
Hut-Huthut-Haiku Heathcliff Handoff Holograph
Mr. Lockwood Further Confuses Plot with Abe Vigoda Reference
Nieces & Nephews Giving Thanks on the Corner of Cinda & Henry
Heathcliff Hoops It Up & Mr. Lockwood Tells A 2012 Red Sox Tale

Weathering Heists:  Episode 5
Heathcliff Will Request Moor Cookies
Not-Round Not-Church Sledding Reprise
We Spend Time Like Sounds Of Falling Ice
Every Picture Tells A Story Doughnut
Moor TV Sets & Moor Cadillac Cars Actually Help After All
5 iPods 3 lapTops
2 TV sets
2 cadilLac cars
2 turntAbles
& a mIcrophone
Where it’s @ but

A Ward(well)robe Production presents…
The Brothers QAramazov Survive 2012 (or Bilbo Baggins Meets the Beatniks)
{in order of insignificance}
~ D-stoyewsky as Gollum ~ Morticia Addams as Agrafena Alexandrovna Svetlova ~
~ 5-Corner Q as Smaug ~ Al-1 Way as Bilbo Baggins ~
Episode 1: Ground Control to Tebow
Layup Drills
Dorset Skate Social
Ice ball .mov?
Al 1st Grade Concert
Episode 2: Good Lovin > Loaf'n
Good Loaf'n > Hubbarton Hammock
Q 3rd Grade Play
Sandwich Saddle

Episode 3: Is Your Shirt Always Messi?

Bilbo Hears Smaug's William Tell Overture

Berry, Berry Good Seats to Us

Of Poets & Pirates

Smaug Scorches WiffleFest Premier

Does Baggins's Rides on Eyrie Lakes?

An Ocelot's Ode to Sandy
Episode 4: Boo, Boo, Black Sheep
Smaug Cooks Frodo de La Vida Loca
BV Pickup Hops on Nerf Dreams
Don't Tread on Jay Peak
Frodo's NICU Groovers
Bilbo Earns a Green Belt
Smaug Flames Away Floor Hockey
  Episode 5: Todas las Familias Felices de Henry St
Cochran Crew Shufflin' Basement Blues
Timberline Closed Tracks >
It Sleds Open > Timberline Closed Tracks >
Every (2012) Picture Tells A Story (Doughnut)
&ThereAin'tNobody ThatCanSkiLikeMe WayOverYonder OnTheWiffleTree
{~ A Ward(well)robe Production ~}
A Cochran CrewWell
Dinner Theater presents
Another Long Standing Tradition: 2011. . .
. . . . Don Q meets Alto Wanza

Episode I
~Wishing Every Winter Was~
Ice Ball Cometh (3:15)
Superbowl Sunday Snowfort (10:10)
De..we say De-O Songs (11:00)
Q&A Ride with the DEW-Doms (15:53)
Every Bank Gives Credit (19:57)
Al's Never Loafed Better (22:36)
Episode II:
~Falling Streetcar Stops @ Other Maple Leafs~
Tay-Tay & Turkey Vultures (3:39)
Arrew Flight Test (4:30)
S. King's Flume (19:08)
Last Night, I Got NOLA (15:53)
Swamped Windmills (31:05)
Episode III:
~Soft Core/Half Court Holidays~
Pump Kin Pickin' Kinds (3:30)
Indy & Harry Hunt Chocolates (6:25)
Don Q Conquest-a-Court (12:38)
Turkey Tracks for Cold Rain & Snow (15:18)
Episode IV:
~Every Picture Tells A Story Donut~
Ya'Kno Who Else Likes Thanksgiving Football? (3:30)
Lessons in Talent (5:52)
Alcho Wanza Punks 3rd Rate Boyzzz (13:25)
2011 Picture Slideshow w/ Bootleg Phlashback (14:35)
To Be Continued…. 2012 The Brothers QAramazov

q&a vs contract negoti-alien episode guide

~ q & a 2010 vs.
currently under contract negoti-aliens ~

All 3 No Five Episodes of
Q&A vs. Currently Under Contract Negoti-Aliens

~ Q&A 2010 Year in Review
~ Cliff Notes
Episode I
Q&A Attacked by Negoti-Alien
Q&A Overcome & Make Friends & Fit In
Episode II
Negoti-Alien Blackmails Entire Family
Q&A Team up with It’s E&T To Mount An Attack
Episode III
Q &A Read to OWR, the Next Rock&Roll Hero
Negoti-Alien Hijacks Halloween & Hickory Hill
Eunoch Turner Shows Q&A a Winter Retreat
Episode IV
The Carpenter Cares for Q&A
Negoti-Alien Ponders Purgatory
Episode V
Wiffle Ball: A Musical Encore
Will This Be the End?
Only the Locals Are Lucky to kNow
2011 Don Q Meets Ancho Anza
{A Bangkok Bus Production}

*just try &
imagine our surprise we couldn’t
get this posted earlier

**but as ode to b weir’d states
sometimes a check to a tax deductable
charity organization is the difference
between here & they’re, there
fore I present
now for something
completely redundant


~ q & a 2009 vs. anti-osha man ~
{in many fragmented mosaics}

Q&A2009_guide:  http://qanda.blip.tv/
_1a  Credits & Xmas Lore
_1b  Skizophrenia 101: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Bashes!

_2a  The Promethean Aftermath of Summertime Blues
_2b  Mad Duck @ the 7th Inning Stretch

_3a  Escape from Naboo, Thankful Threats &  A Final Frieze
_3b  Dr. Leftovers: Or How I Learned to Love Dead or Alive

_Flier  Special Online Coming Attraction from August 2009